Henning Pertiet


=         Piano payer. Organ player. Improviser.


=         Pianist of many years for the MOJO BLUES BAND (Vienna/Austria)


=        Concerts and tours with Axel Zwingenberger, Abi Wallenstein, Gottfried Böttger and many more  



Henning Pertiet has more blues in his pinky than many others in their whole hand”


 (Axel Zwingenberger)




„...he’s one of the greatest blues specialists in Europe…“


 (Gottfried Böttger)



Beginning and Member of the Mojo Blues Band



Henning Pertiet, born in 1965 in Hamburg, is one of the most impressive expressive Blues and Boogie Woogie pianists of these days.


At age 23, an Axel Zwingenberger recording started his craze for Boogie Woogie and through self-study he learned to express himself in this musical genre. Based on a recommendation by Zwingenberger, as of 1993 Pertiet became a permanent member of the legendary Vienna Mojo Blues Band for four years.



As of the end of 1996 he predominantly tours as a solo artist again. 



Numerous private changes provided a number of less active intervals which gave Henning the chance to further enchance his musical spectrum. His music is constantly changing and reflecting new ideas and style elements in such a way that traditional blues and boogie rhythms and mixed with harmonic influences from jazz, classic or even rock music.



 „A pianist limited to only playing Boogie and Blues? If the man at the keys is Henning Pertiet, there won’t be a dull moment, because he even puts the modern jazz of Thelonius Monk to the blues test.


This CD definitely has everything it needs to rightfully apply for cultural appropriation“ about Masterpieces Vol. 1 from „Wasser-Prawda“ (online magazine).  



Henning Pertiet left the worn paths of pure boogie and enjoys trying new things on the brink of blues, boogie & jazz. 



When you’re deeply rooted in a music“, explains Pertiet, „a boisterous motion or even a storm cannot unearth you.”


It rathers gives you a chance to combine what you’ve learned and stored with something new and create something interesting/different“ says the Hamburg native who now lives in Verden.



Henning Pertiet tells musical stories which cannot be told like that by anyone else. His music expresses them in ways which are unparalleled and unique. The audience witnesses an authentic presentation which lives from the personality and style of the musician and leaves the listener stunned and fascinated.


And it doesn’t really matter in the end whether it is blues, boogie, jazz or free improvisation… 


There is hardly anybody in Germany, or even Europe, who knows how to put his personal mark on boogie and blues on the piano like Henning Pertiet.“
(Tomas Ritter)